Literacy Test - OSSLT

Tuesday, March 31, 2020
What is the OSSLT?
It is a provincial test of literacy skills that students have acquired by the end of Grade 9.
Successful completion of the OSSLT is one of the mandatory requirements to earn an Ontario Secondary School Diploma.


  • The test consists of four booklets; two Question Booklets and two corresponding Answer Booklets. Students will have 75 minutes to complete each booklet.
  • A 15 minute break and a snack will be given between booklets.
  • Each booklet is worth 200 marks. In order for students to pass the OSSLT, they need to achieve a level 3 provincial standard; this equals 75%, a score of 300 out 400.
  • In one booklet, students are required to write a news report that is worth 100 marks. In the other booklet, students have to write a series of paragraphs, that is worth 100 marks.
  • Students will be asked to read information paragraphs, dialogues, real-life narratives and graphic texts. They will answer multiple choice and open paragraph response questions based on the text.
  • Students will have to answer short-writing tasks in which they will develop the main idea and support it with details.
  • Students will answer multiple choice questions based on language conventions.

Important Dates

  1. Thursday, November 14th
    • Practice Literacy Test Period 1
  2. December 2019
    • Return of Practice Literacy Test
  3. January, February and March 2020
    • “Literacy at Lunch”
    • Classroom Literacy Lessons using Google Classroom
    • Literacy Boot Camp
  4. Wednesday, February 19th, 2020
    • OSSLT Information Presentation for parents
  5. Tuesday, March 31st, 2020
    • OSSLT Test Day


1. Are all students required to write the OSSLT?

Yes, all students working towards an OSSD must take the test.

2. How are students with an IEP supported on the OSSLT?

Students with an IEP are permitted accommodations consistent with their regular practice for classroom assessments. Connect with Academic Resource regarding any questions about accommodations.

3. How are English language learners supported on the OSSLT?

They are permitted some provisions on the OSSLT that are consistent with their regular classroom assessment, such as double time.

4. When will I receive my child’s test results?

Your child will receive their results with their Final Semester 2 Report Card.

5. What happens if my child is unsuccessful on the OSSLT?

They can rewrite the test the following year or take the Ontario Secondary School Literacy Course in summer school or the following school year (dependent upon availability).



Please have your student join the classroom using code: p4qm2j6

Go to the EQAO website to review examples of the assessment and access practice tests.